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    So you want to be an affiliate marketer? You’ve been told that this is one of the easiest and least expensive way to get into Internet Marketing and make money online. In fact all you need is a computer, an internet connection and some time.

    Dear Friend,

    I have been in affiliate marketing for a long time, two decades in fact, plus I just happen to have had another career, CEO of broadcast companies. Of course I had to work my way up the proverbial ladder from radio disc-jockey, various managing jobs, a couple of vice-president positions, three President name tags and four CEO’s jobs.

    Along the way, I also pursued my entrepreneurial life of which one was computers, and direct selling using a combination of radio and the Internet.

    About 10 years before I retired from the analog world of radio, I snuck (yes it’s a real word in the dictionary) into my man cave which consisted of a desktop computer, monitor and a lot of hard disc data storage. Connected to my slooow crawling modem and studied the net to see where it would take me, always thinking that what-if there was a way to make some legitimate cash online.

    You see, it isn’t so much about the cash, or how much, that’s just the result of the exercise. For me it was about the creative marketing potential.

    In 1996 I became an affiliate of that brand new, little mail-order company called Amazon. Then in ’97 I became an affiliate of eBay, and over the next 20 years I have been an affiliate of hundreds of merchants and product creators that want to pay me money because I will talk about their products.

    I will do even more. I’ll write and do videos about them. I create audio information that people can take into their cars or put on their smartphones and listen to what I have to say about the products. I’ll even speak at conferences about my affiliate products.

    In other words, I promote my affiliate products, blogs, websites, squeeze pages, reports and ebooks anywhere and everywhere I can.

    Why? Because that puts more pairs of eyes on the products I am promoting, and that means more sales and more cash in the bank. Not a hard concept.

    Enough about me. Now it’s time to talk about you.

    Do you want to make money online? Are you ready to dig in and make it happen?

    You can you know. There’s nothing, except you, stopping you from becoming an Affiliate Marketer, nothing!

    I have a an opportunity for you to become an Affiliate Marketer, but with a ton of experience transferred right into your brain. Moving up the knowledge ladder quickly, allowing you to make money sooner.

    In fact, I’ll go a step further to make sure you have everything you need to make the real money commissions flow into your bank account.

    You tell me the niche you want to promote, and I’ll give you – as part of your Affiliate Marketing Course – a set up Amazon store, ready to make you money.

    Of course you have to do some work, like put in your Amazon affiliate credentials, tweak the product selection and maybe the color of the store front, but you’ll be operating your first Amazon Affiliate Site in 48 hours or less.

    The unbelievable, low, low price for my course means you can earn back your out of pocket costs sooner.

    Even better, this course is delivered over 10-days, a lesson a day, but your support goes on for another 170 days. You read that right, I’ll support you via email, seminars, videos and even when necessary one-on-one via Skype for 6-months at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

    Let’s boil this down…

    • 10 Lessons delivered daily direct to your email mail box.
    • Lesson 1 Niche and Product Research
    • Lesson 2 Prep for Your WordPress Affiliate site & keyword research
    • Lesson 3 Installation of your WordPress site & sign up for Amazon affiliation
    • Lesson 4 Creation of an amil List and Autoresponder
    • Lesson 5 Creation or purchase of digital giveaway
    • Lesson 6 Content creation including writing, video, pictes and graphics including uploading to YouTube
    • Lesson 7 Advertising and promotion materials and plan
    • Lesson 8 Getting Traffic to your website and SEO
    • Lesson 9
    • Lesson 10

    You don’t have to do the actual selling. That’s up to the distributor or manufacturer. But you have to create an interest in the product so that the reader/viewer moves on to the sellers site.

    Affiliate marketing is about relationships between you and your website reader or viewer. You’re there to help the reader solve a problem. Not to make a sale. The sale is a by-product of your relationship and help. Every product, or service or digital product (ebook, etc) can solve a problem. Sometimes it isn’t obvious at the start, but you have to figure that out, and then go about showing how the product is the best to solve the problem.

    To give an example, you’ve decided to promote binoculars. You won’t sell thousands of them, but they can be expensive which provides a high commission. So what problem would you solve by promoting binoculars. There’s bird watching, hunting, hiking and so on. Any of these provide you with an opportunity to solve a problem. But I might decide to promote marine oriented binoculars for boaters. Can you see how my approach could be very different from yours, yet we are both promoting binoculars.

    Remember that you will never be successful at affiliate marketing if all you are doing is thinking about how many sales you can make. The product, the services and digital goods you promote must mesh with your target market needs and wants.

    Promote products that you are interested in.

    If you like the product category you’re promoting, it will make it easier to do research on the topic in question to improve your knowledge of the target market and the product offer. Research for most people can get pretty boring and if you’re not interested in the product, it will be poor research, if at all.

    What gets and keeps you excited? What do you talk about to your family and friends? These are the niches you must focus your attention on, and be promoting through your affiliate websites, social media and email.

    Go to the domain name registrars such as GoDaddy.com, Namecheap.com or Moniker.com to find out what domain names are available and to register your preferred name. You can get all the information you need about the right domain name in this domain naming article in this site.

    Now you need to find a good web host. Tall order if you haven’t had to find one before. Take a look at HostGator.com, BlueHost.com or GreenGeeks.com, to host your site. A quality Web host is one with good uptime of your site, good customer support, and good reviews. I use and have used Hostgator, Bluehost and a bunch of others over the years. I currently use GreenGeeks.com for about 90% of my sites. Here’s my review of GreenGeeks.com.

    The next thing you have to do is decide if you’re going to build your site(s) with HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), or with WordPress. To be honest, I use both, with WordPress the predominant method. If you have never coded and websites, and you want to just get going, go with WordPress. It isn’t quite a one-click method, but close. Also you’ll find a ton of WordPress Instructions in this site to help you when you get into a bind.

    You can spend some time researching various affiliate marketing platforms, but I would strongly suggest that you start with Amazon and expand from there. In my long career as an affiliate marketer, partly because of the era that I started, my platform of choice was many. It meant I learned a lot about a lot, but was less focused than I should have been.

    By sticking with Amazon at least until you are very comfortable as an affiliate marketer, you will keep your focus. If you happen to be in an area where Amazon Affiliation isn’t possible, there are several other others, and if you contact me I’ll be happy to write more about the other options.

    For you that may wish to explore these options right now, head over to Affiliate Network Options for comments.

    What should you put on your site? Useful, helpful information. Period. Some types of content you can use include Product reviews, Opinion Posts, How-To’s, Lists, Comparisons and Guides.

    You can read more about each of these types of “content” at Product Reviews, Opinion Posts, How To Articles, List Based Articles and Comparison Articles. In each be sure and use a combination of text, audio, graphics, photos and videos to show people what a product offer is like and why they should purchase it. The best places to put your affiliate links inside your product review is an excellent way to get people to use your link to purchase.

    Depending on the size of the review, you can use your affiliate link 1-4 times, with it definitely going at the end of the review and throughout.

    Utilize banner ads and sidebars on your blog to promote relevant affiliate offers, as this will get your visitors’ attention and entice them to click on them.

    Here’s something that I often use to increase sales, bonuses. You don’t see many affiliate marketers offering bonuses and providing bonuses differentiates your affiliate site from other affiliates promoting the same product.

    I’ve got a whole article on Ideas For Bonuses. You can create the bonuses yourself, have a freelancer or developer do it, or use PLR to create them, which tends to be my favourite method.

    The only strong requirement is that your bonsues be relevant to the product or service your are promoting. Otherwise there will be a disconnect and reduced sales.

    This next point is so important it should be at the top of this article, even before you start building a site. You must build a list. Again, you must build a list because that will end up being one of your main sources of income.

    All the marketers and researchers say that it take an average of five to seven interactions for most people to buy anything from you online. This makes it vital to add these visitors to your opt-in list so you can follow up with them, build a relationship with you and because customers of yours.

    There are many articles and instruction within this site about how to create and use opt-in boxes and pages to get people to signup to your autoresponder.

    These are the obvious and major steps to get you started as an affiliate marketer. Once you’ve begun the process, you need to expand into social media and other avenues of promotion, and we’ll go over each in detail throughout this site.

    Good luck as an Affiliate Marketer, and may you find many new friends and make lots of money along the way.