There are two main courses taught here.

1. Affiliate Marketing Basics:

2. SEO Writing Basics: Many people want to write and make money doing so online. There are two problems with this “general approach”. The first is not every writer is good at, or better yet an expert at search engine optimization. After all, what HAS SEO got to do with you writing a novel or detailed information about a boat or growing a bonzai plant. Very little.

Thus, most writers don’t try, because to them it doesn’t matter. WRONG!

More and more writing is used online these days. It can be information about a washing machine or it can be a travel blog. If it’s online it needs to be search optimized.

This is where information writers today miss the mark and value of your article if it isn’t optimized properly. How far you get into optimization may differ person to person, but if you intend to make money with copy that goes on the web, you need to learn and understand Search Engine Optimization.

My writing course is designed to help you get to the SEO stage as an information writer. To give you a couple of examples. I writer sales presentations for certain motorboat manufacturers. I prefer not to call them sales presentations, instead I am a story teller, about a boat and what you can do to enjoy the boat.

These stories are then given to the dealer o the boat to use as they desire. But they are sent to magazines, PR pieces, etc. The article will have many “outlets” where the information can be read and enjoyed in print and online. But the key to their success is a combination of the story and the attention given to search optimization.

SEO will improve the availability if the story by improving the search index of the story, which will allow more people to read about the boat.

For another client I write about older cars (worth a lot of money) and usually being sold at auction. I will give the client [say] ten copies of the story, each a different theme and focus. Now they have ten reasons you may want to buy the auto, and each reason is different. The article will show in 10 locations on the client auction site and probably 100 different magazines, etc.

It’s well proven that the chances of selling the vehicle is much better because of the spread of information to the public.

A good SEO Content Writer writes more and is very creative as to why you should buy. The sales copy is usually longer and much more detailed, but always interesting and always based around a story. And, a good SEO Content Writer makes more money too.

This SEO Content Writer Course is designed to get you over the “hump”, making money sooner. Just in case you are wondering, this course will have you earning sooner than later.