Gateway Niagara, home of Niagara Falls

This could be anywhere, but it isn’t. On a lazy day, nearly 400 feet above the crest of the Falls, a gull decides to look around for an unlucky fish that he/she can enjoy at the Canadian Falls at Niagara Falls.

Living within walking distance of all three of the Niagara Falls gives me a new perspective on all that water that has tumbled over the crests for more than 10,000 years. It’s a whole new meaning to our place in nature’s empire.

Then there are other days when I want to join the crowds as they stare in wonder at Niagara. Instead of concentrating on Niagara, I try to get close mentally to how the Falls is causing a reaction in the tourists viewing the reaction to their “awe, not fully understanding the full excitement of millions and millions of gallon flow constantly into the river below.