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    Finally, this course is again available at a ridiculously good deal…

    Before you do anything else in your affiliate marketing or wannabe thoughts about making big bucks in affiliate marketing, be sure you check this out…

    How to create a career as a super respected, high earning affiliate marketer. Whether you’re already doing affiliate marketing and need some help to bring your business to life, or if you are dreaming about the freedom and dollars from a successful affiliate marketing career, here is your next opportunity.

    Hi, my name is Chuck Camroux, and during the past 20 years I have been one of the quiet success stories in affiliate marketing. Before that I was a not-so-quiet executive running multi-million dollar broadcast companies in the top markets in the country.

    During these past 20 years, from the infancy of the Internet to where we are today, I have not only created, operated and sold hundreds of affiliate marketing sites, I’ve helped dozens of people become solid affiliate marketers, making a great income off the Internet and working from their homes, cars, coffee shops and beaches.

    Now I have opened the doors again to anyone who wants to learn and earn with affiliate marketing.

    The concept is as old as the hills.

    Somebody has a product for sale. You have a website/blog that can promote the product. People arrive at your site through the Internet, like what they see and head on over to the product sales page and buy the product.

    The merchant who has just sold the product, sends you a commission for telling people about the product.

    It’s simple. Crazy simple.

    But the affiliate marketing business is STARVED for people who can be affiliate marketers. Manufacturers and stores like Amazon are praying for more affiliate marketers that know what they are doing, so they can sell more stuff.

    There are two ingredients that I haven’t mentioned yet. First as the website owner, the affiliate marketer, you need to create content that make the viewer want to find out more. You have to peak their interest. It isn’t always easy, especially if you haven’t written a lot of sales and promotion material.

    The second missing ingredient is the need for traffic. People to read, listen or watch your website content. No matter how good you are, without an audience you won’t make a dime. Nada, nothing, bumpkins. No cash income.

    This stops a whole bunch of affiliate marketers from making any money, even surviving. How do you get viewers to your site? Go out on the street and yank them in? Of course not.

    It took me a long time to figure it all out by creating messaging via scripts, video and audio, and I am good at it and it still took a while to pull it off.

    Now, here’s an opportunity to shortcut your path to becoming a great affiliate marketer. I’ve crammed everything I know about how to win the affiliate marketing game into an information packed course that lays out exactly what to do.

    I teach you the things that will drive your success…

    1. You gotta have a success mindset. If you don’t believe in yourself, just go home. If you do, or you’re willing to learn to have a success mindset, the first important ingredient is done.

    2. You have to be Good. You have to find and create the right products, the right affiliate deal, the right keywords and the right content. If nobody wants your product, no matter how good it is, you lose. Get it right.

    3. You need to create a great website/blog. I didn’t say a big site, I said a great site. After all you’re promoting one product with one site. Three or four pages, filled with the right content and links and you’re golden.

    4. You must round up the traffic. Find the right demographic for your product and open the floodgates to the products. Peak their interest with your quality, exciting content so they want to look further into the product. Send them to the manufacturer or store and let them do the selling. After all, if they are any good in retail, they’ll have a humdinger of a sales pitch. It’s their job to close the sale.

    5. You must get paid. Grab your cash and move on. After all, being paid for your efforts is key.

    It’s that simple. Simple, yes – but not easy.

    I’ll show you how. I’ve made every mistake possible, and figured out the RIGHT WAY to make affiliate marketing work, and work really well.


    Every tactic, secret psychological writing push, including all the content types like video, info graphics and audio along with boring – but super important – text.

    Remember, being a home-based affiliate marketer isn’t for everyone. No by a long shot. You’re gonna be working alone at home. You’ve got to ignore baby’s crying, dogs barking and wives/husbands distracting you. But if you know this, you can get above it.

    Your age doesn’t matter, even a tiny bit. Young, middle or old, everyone who wants to, can be an affiliate marketer and go for the gold.

    Here’s the deal…

    Your going to go through an 8-week course that consists of…

    1. How to find your niche & products to promote including the hot markets
    2. Keyword research including buying keywords. Every students received 200+ keywords in your niche.
    3. Getting your domain name and web hosting
    4. Learning how to use cPanel effectively
    5. Creating a WordPress search optimized website/blog. Free templates and site creation too.
    6. Insuring WordPress site security
    7. Inserting plugins (software) to bring your site to life
    8. Joining Amazon as an affiliate (multiple countries)
    9. Creating content & product reviews and the irresistible offer. Includes a crash course on writing for the web. Using PLR to enhance your content creation. The importance of visual content, pictures, graphics and videos.
    10. Getting traffic (more eyeballs) to your website so you can generate more sales
    11. Email marketing is the secret of huge commissions. We’ll set up mail lists and autoresponders.
    12. Getting social network to promote your sites. Using Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to make you money.
    13. Using Amazon S3 for storage and linking
    14. Creating landing pages and opt-in forms
    15. Bonus 1 – Tools and resources. Bonus2 – Making WordPress blazing fast
    16. It’s a wrap. Moving forward & how to grow and become an authority

    There’s over 30 video lessons, plus 16 follow-these-steps written lessons. Most important of all, if you have a problem, you’ll get one-on-one coaching in addition to group help.

    The advice in this course is timeless and there’s even another bonus…

    You’re not even going to pay the $899 going price for this course, not even close.

    Amazon Logo For this special release, you get the entire package, The Mastering Affiliate Marketing Success Training Course of how to become a highly successful Amazon Affiliate Marketer.

    Why Amazon?

    Why wouldn’t you want to grab a piece of the biggest online merchant in the world. Over $150 Billion in sales last year and hundreds of millions paid to Amazon Affiliates. Amazon is looking for you right now.

    For just one payment of $149, you earn while you learn.

    …you’ll earn your $149 investment back many times over.

    This isn’t something that will make me rich. Far from it. But when I started I had no place to go for information. The Internet had just begun and affiliate marketing online was new. The merchants didn’t even know how to track the sales and affiliates.

    I happen to love mentoring and I really do want you to be successful. But only if you really want to.


    I expect you to put in at least a half hour a day, better yet, and hour a day for the next couple of months. That’s about 60 hours to learn how to become a very good affiliate marketer. You’re going to get 16-lessons in that time – about one every 4 days – and each also has some “homework”. Sure you can take longer to make it happen, but that’s just giving into a poor attitude.

    There’s no reason why you can’t keep up from day one. But if anything happens, like a sickness, then you still have it all coming to you and all you have to do is pick up where you left off.

    At the end of the 8-weeks, you’re going to have two affiliate marketing sites up and running. Why two? Because I am going to show you how to have multiple affiliate sites.

    And I’m going to give you as part of this course, two sites ready to install, tweak and make money.

    Oh, I didn’t tell you that there is also full support by email and online.

    Now I am going to be brutely honest here. It will take about a year before you start making real money online. Oops, did I lose you?

    I know, you’re saying, “But, I’m getting into this to make EASY money!!”

    Sorry guys, but if you don’t treat affiliate marketing as a LONG TERM strategy and treat it as an actual business (even if it’s just a part time business), you will never succeed, period.

    New websites don’t have much content, have no reputation, have no email subscribers, have no social media followers and get no search engine traffic. Those things take time, and that amount of time is months or about a year or so.

    This is the biggest reason why most affiliate marketers fail. They don’t have the patience to wait or the desire to create enough value where they start to gain a real following.

    Here’s how to order now:


    Make money while you sleep.

    For 90% of online marketers, affiliate marketing is how they get started.

    In this course, You get everything described above, for just $149 total. Less than $3 a day and two ready to make money web sites.

    Your adventure as an affiliate marketer won’t get off the ground if you don’t have the necessary skills to BE an affiliate marketer. You must walk the walk, and talk the talk and have patience. What I offer you is a short circuit to getting it done, from niche finding to site building and getting traffic to your sites.

    There’s no way to fake it. But you earn more than most jobs as a sucessful affiliate marketer.

    So… again… IF the lifestyle, and the potential of being a professional affiliate marketer appeals to you…

    Just click on the “order button” to get going. Do it now.



    Still not sure? Send me a message with your concerns. I’ll get back to you a-s-a-p.




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