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    This is where you’ll find me when I’m not consulting. Niagara Falls, just a mile from my home. When you get a little creative, you can get some fantastic pictures of the Falls, like this shot of the American Falls.

    Back to the reason for this page…

    I spent 50 years in broadcasting, 20 of those years as CEO of some interesting, large and unique operations. Companies like Canadian Radio Networks (satellite programming distribution), CKLW AM/FM/Sales in Detroit/Windsor (one of the iconic radio giants) and CJRT-FM – better known as JAZZ.FM91 in Toronto.

    In addition to being the VP Programming for Rogers Radio and Manager of CFTR Toronto, I was the consultant for stations like CFCF Montreal, CKLW Detroit/Windsor, CFQC Saskatoon, CHFI-FM Toronto, CKDA and CFMS-FM Victoria (later shareholder & VP), CHSJ Saint John, CKFH Toronto and many others.

    From 1957 through to 1970, I was a disc-jockey, marketing manager and program director. Starting at CFRN Edmonton and spending several years at CJCA in that stations rock’n’roll heyday of the 60’s.

    I became known as a programming marketer. Combining two creative aspects of the business into one, and leading many stations across the country to the top audience positions. I consider video production an extension of my programming expertise, and marketing is just part of my DNA.

    In the 90’s I founded and ran Direct Response Radio, a music sales company joined by 2,500 radio stations in North America selling CD’s direct to the public.




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