Over 75% of all Internet content traffic is video!

And it’s growing super fast, with 2018 expected to be 90%.

The real question is – are you going to use video, optimize video and expand your customer base with video as a key component of your growth?

Video frequency is an important metric because the search engines are paying attention. The more videos you release, the better you’ll do. It’s really that simple. Our lives are dominated by personal information feeds, usually referred to as streams.

When you log into Facebook, you see streams from family, friends and pages you like. When you log into YouTUBE you see a stream of videos recently made by the people or channels you follow.

The same goes for Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and all the other major social media platforms.

The common factor among them all is that their feeds are constantly flowing, changing and updating.

As a content creator, that’s a person or business that needs to remain high in the search results, the only way to do this is to regularly appear in people’s personal feeds. If you don’t appear, you aren’t on their minds, or in your sales funnel. You won’t be seen.

The only way to appear in people’s feeds is to publish content frequently. That’s where your problem starts, and could end. Producing high quality videos on a regular basis, and ongoing basis is very hard to maintain. This is one of the reasons we also produce videos by converting text articles to video.

Most bloggers and business owners start out with great intentions, but after a couple of weeks, they just run out of steam and eventually give up. It’s hard to publish written blog and articles, and even harder to publish videos on a regular basis.

That’s where we come in. At Chuck Camroux Marketing we have developed a template system whereby we have created over 200 videos for various business categories from auto dealers to pet groomers. Almost any business you can imagine, and if we haven’t made one for a category of business, we soon will.

This means that we can create a marketing video for you in days, not weeks, and for far less money than it would normally cost at the video agencies. But we didn’t stop there, we kept thinking about bloggers, article writers and businesses that want and need content and that’s why we offer our super quick, 48 hour or less text to video creation service just for you.

We can take your article, your blog and even your sale letter, and turn it into a video that get attention, has all the necessary incredients such as pictures, videos, words and narration.

We are also equipped to write custom articles about products, your business and your services, and then turn those into videos, giving you a massive boost in search results, customers customers and revenue.

But all of this isn’t the best part of our service. For content to work you have to get past the boredom of reading (most people would much rather watch a movie than read a book) and video does this. And you need to get it seen by a lot more people than those who visit your website. We not only make your videos, we get them published on all the social media sites like YouTUBE, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. We make sure each video is fully optimized.

Your videos are not just linked to the social media sites, the videos are actually published on these sites, greatly increases their presence.

All this boils down to understanding that you can claim a huge share of the profitable online video taffic volume. Plus, when you can produce videos fast, you can also create them often. You should be producing at least one video per week, and the cost is minimal.

All businesses are aware of the incredibly high costs of advertising in the Yellow pages of the telephone directories. How many times do you see people flipping through these phone directories? Not often because people go to Google first, and if you aren’t in Google, high in the search results for multiple keywords and phrases, your competition grabs your customers.

If you have a video, or multiple videos being indexed in Google, you not only get a listing in the search results, you get a picture from your video. That picture is like gravity. It pulls the reader to your listing and your service and products.

Reminder, the first rule of video marketing is frequency. You need to be there often.

The next important step is to give your customers, your readers, the right content. The content they want, not what you think they want. So how do you find out what they want to know, so you can use the best keywords that will give you higher rankings? Do you know the exact, and most frequently asked questions that your customers type into Google and YouTUBE and Bing and Yahoo?

It’s called great research before you jump, and we can help you with that too. It’s all part of our service.

Once you have content, in any form, but especially in video because video is the king of content on the Internet, you need to focus on distribution. Get distribution wrong and the traffic potential of your videos will be crippled from the get-go.

Most content creators put their content on their blogs or websites hoping that Google will rank it and people will then discouver it. It doesn’t work that way. You’ll get a few views, but not many. You need to go where the people are and distribute your content to the most popular video platforms on the Internet.

Getting your content, especially your videos, to be seen is dependent on ‘where’ and ‘how’ you post your videos. For a long time, at least in Internet time, Google has been the starting point to find information online. That’s not the case today. People use the Internet differently these days. If you don’t know this, here are the stats that tell the story:

YouTUBE has over 1 BILLION Users who spend an average of 40 minutes a day watching videos.
■ Facebook has over 1.4 BILLION users who spend an average of 41 minutes a day watching videos, reading articles and interacting with friends per day.
■ Tumblr has over 550 MILLION users who spend an average of 34 minutes per day reading articles and watching videos daily.

The list continues for Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and on and on.

This means that Google is no longer the only place people go when searching for information online. Nor is Google the first place to go to. If you’re looking to fix a garden hose, a broken water pipe or your car’s transmission, you’re more likely to go to YouTUBE because you can be shown ‘how’. Shown being the important factor.

For crafts you may go to Pinterest and if you’re looking for a new job, LinkedIn is probably going to be your ‘go to’ website.

The days of relying on the search engines alone to bring you new customers are over. If you want to reach customers, you have to go where people are and interact with them on the platform where they spend their time. The bottom line, you have to post your videos where they are going to get seen.

But that’s not the end, because ‘how’ you post them is a major factor in their success. It’s a competitive world, and each social media platform want to retain their viewers ‘on their platform’. So it is super important that you upload your videos and host them on each platform. Do not just ‘link them’ from other sites. Put them on each, and let each host your videos. This keeps their viewers on their site, even with your video.

For example, if you place a link to your video on Facebook, the link, picture and even text is awkward, uninviting and certainly visually uninteresting. But if you put your video on Facebook, there are many benefits. Your video fills the maximum width of the news feed. More prominent, inviting and rectangular so you know that it’s a video. It starts playing automatically when you scroll down the page, grabbing your attention immediately.

The bottom line is simply, post your videos directly to each social media site.

But which sites are most important?

All of them. The more platforms you’re on, the more reach your videos will receive. Many experts will tell you that the Top sites to post videos are YouTUBE, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

If that’s too much for you, then start on YouTUBE for sure, but really, really try to get your video on YouTUBE, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn for sure.

If you took the time to read this post, that’s good because you are serious about your business and how to get more customers. Now why not watch and listen to the video version. This is a service that we do for businesses that are serious about spreading their information to the most consumers. Some are worldwide, online businesses, and some are local businesses looking to improve their reach in their own marketing area.

For information about this service, call or email and ask us about text to video production.

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