About Membership

Welcome to Earn and Learn. Although we study all affiliate marketing business models, our focus is on the incredible business opportunities that are available online. One model may not interest you, while another is exciting.

There are hundreds of potential income opportunities, too many for here, and some that are not good for anyone. We only talk about and teach opportunities that we have and are actively doing ourselves.

Most of all, our intention is to help you to create an income to help with your needs and lifestyle. If it progresses into something greater that's wonderful. If not because you have met your additional cash requirements, that too is fantastic.

We'll show you how to become an Amazon affiliate, a Clickbank affiliate, a Walmart Affiliate

The intention here is to build a physical product affiliate marketing business leveraging the power and capability of Amazon.com as your partner in business. Amazon has multiple business opportunities for individuals, couples and partners, and over time we'll explore many of them.

However, the emphasis initially is on promoting and selling someone else's products. But, that means that we are also promoting eBay and other affiliate programs that fit our mold.

Although this site has a ton of free information, and will continue to do so, it also has a teaching side. This is done with videos and other tools. We learn how to get traffic to your site, how to use social media to expand your business, how to build affiliate blogs and review sites using WordPress and so much more.

So, we built a membership site for those that want to get serious about affiliate marketing. Those who will devote a few hours each week to making it all work for themselves, building another financial income stream.

Here's what you get as a member.

* Personal coaching.
* Access to important programs like
* Private email access to communicate with us immediately
* More information, updated constantly
All of this is just $14.50 a month - less than 0.50 cents a day. I don't believe you will ever want to leave, but if you decide that affiliate marketing isn't for you, just let us know and we'll cancel your membership and fee payments, no questions asked.

Now something very important. Membership is limited. If I leave it wide open we'll get too many people signing up, making it impossible to to a proper coaching job. So I've decided to limit membership to a few hundred. So don't wait, sign up today and begin to enjoy the reward of affiliate marketing.