Hi, I’m Chuck Camroux and I am a Webmaster.

Chuck Camroux Webmaster Most small businesses and bloggers don’t have the expertise, time and desire to run their websites. Some hire professionals like myself, some get their teenager kids to play with their sites and most try to plod along doing it themselves.

Unless your kids are writers, SEO experts and know what it takes to run a business, this approach is a recipe for disaster. Doing your own webmaster duties is 98% of the time a huge waste of your valuable time. You’re supposed to be growing your business or your blog.

Hiring me, or someone like me, is a sure sign of a business or blogger who is focused on the day to day business or blog, not on the day-to-day requirements of keeping your website active, strong, optimized and valuable to you.

But here’s the problem. As important as your website is, after all it’s the main connection between you and your customers, you find it hard to pay the typical price of a solid webmaster. So I created a different approach.

Having run companies, large (+$10,000,000 annual revenues) and small ($1 – $5,000,000 annual revenues) for 30 plus years, I know what it takes to be in your shoes. As a blogger and operating 300+ blogs, I am acutely aware of the time needed to create and maintain great content while making sure your site security and connection with your public remains strong.

I am retired from the corporate world, but my passion for computers and the Internet have remained strong. I’ve been directly involved with computerization since 1969 and deep into the Internet since 1993. Since 2004 I have been full time focused on the Internet. In effect, 14 years webmastering.

I operate with a limited clientele, each requires the services I offer in order to grow both their business, their blog and their websites. About half my clientele are small businesses and half are bloggers.

The services I provide are specific and limited. This allows me to keep the price of my services affordable. A list of the services offered can be found here under the services menu item.

If you are in need of help with your website or blog, give me a call and discuss what I may be able to do for you.