Hi, I’m Chuck Camroux and this site is all about collaborative Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is extremely popular because it’s nearly free to get into, you can do it from anywhere where there’s an Internet connection and all you need is a computer. There are affiliates making thousands and thousands of dollars every month, and there are affiliate that can’t seem to make a dime. No different than any bricks and mortar business. Some make it and some don’t.

Affiliate marketing is an advertising model where a company pays compensation to third party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and services. The third party publishers are referred to as affiliates and the commission fee is received when they find new customers for the company.

I’ve been an affiliate marketer for 20+ years and before that a media senior executive for 30 years. Recently, while helping a couple of newbie online marketers maneuver the affiliate marketing labyrinth of paths to success, I decided that they and every other newbie and semi-successful affiliate marketer could use a collaborative environment.

But it has to be a point of interaction between people not collectively close at hand, but with the same goals. That’s when I decided that a club, a private place where people could gather online and talk through their problems, their successes, their ideas, their needs and get assistance from their peers and an assembled group of marketers in the know. And do it in private.

I’ve called it the Affiliate Marketing VIP Insider’s Club, and the doors are now open. The concept is simple really. You join and you connect. We’ve targeted some aspects of affiliate marketing, and the problems faced by newbies. But we will keep adding to those areas that need more and more attention.

Here’s a sprinkling of what we offer, and we’ll keep you informed as we add, change, even eliminate some of the things that get our attention from you, the users…

• A private forum for discussion and learning.

• A tech area for website learning but pre-installed to allow the user to move past this former roadblock and inspiration killer. Saving the hassle of learning another avenue of the business, while still in the learning avenue of the current business. Website and hosting done for you, eliminating hours of trying to do it yourself. We’ll use WordPress, the platform that powers upwards of 30 percent of all websites.

• Deeper understanding of niches, categories and products of your main focus. We do this by creating an Amazon Affiliate business to use as both a real income generator, but as a learning tool to expand to other affiliations.

• Handling content, written, video, audio, graphics and pictures with a focus on reviews and problem solving for the reader. Although sounding complicated, it really isn’t and we believe that once everyone understands the ‘how’ it will become second nature creating the content necessary to achieve income success.

• Linking, advertising and funnels can be a difficult concept. It’s an area that is necessary for your success, and we work on the ‘how’ in this area along with teaching a deep understanding so it becomes second nature to you.

• Email list building and autoresponder promotion and selling are key ingredients for successful affiliate marketers. Understanding how to do this, and what to say and how often can make or break your business. We won’t let you forget, and push you in the right directions.

• Traffic generation is one of the keys to any affiliate marketer’s success. Without visitors to your site, there are no sales, no commissions and no business. There are two ways to achieve this. Through organic search optimization and through paid advertising and promotion. We will explore every opportunity together to achieve massive success.

• Not many of us can come up with our own unique product to promote and sell, that is why affiliate marketing took off. You don’t want to lose money (I hope), so you must take a steady plan to sell other people’s products.You can sell a dishwasher from Amazon, or an eBook about writing eBooks, not from Amazon but from the author. In the end, all you want is the commission for the sale. That leads us into Private Label Rights, or PLR. Now that’s a sideline to your affiliate business, but one of the ingredients can be a key factor in your business. The articles. We’ll explore how to use PLR.

• Being passionate about your business. You have to love what you’re doing or you will not be successful. You must be consistent, ignoring but learning from your failures. You have to be open to learn from others, and at the same time pass on your knowledge. You must stick with your niche, mastering it so you can be seen as working hard to earn your visitor’s trust.

• Learning about your products without buying them, or at least most of them. Research into the products you are promoting so when you write about them and explain how they can help your audience, you must have a knowledge of the in order to be believable.

• Understanding keyword research, from basic broad keywords, to long-tail and latent semantic keywords and why they are so important in the big scheme of things. We help with studies and research to make your own research more complete.

• Because as an affiliate marketer, you have to have a domain name, or several, we’ll discuss income possibilities buying and selling domain name. Again, this is an aside but without ever trying, I’ve sold many domains for hundred and thousands of dollars. So you should be aware of this potential.

• Coupons have been an important player in affiliate marketing, plus it can be a profitable one. This strategy demands that you share the best deals you can to earn the trust of your audience, not a big commission. Coupons draw people back to your site which pays off in the medium to long term. This is an area we discuss.

• Using webinars to promote products. You reach your audience in a more personal and direct level noth otherwise available. Webinars are explored in the club.

The intention is not to present you with more shiny new objects to buy or cause you to change course. Instead it’s to make sure you have the best tools possible to accomplish your job of creating interest in products that make you commissions through sales.

If you want to get into, or improve your affiliate marketing, join our VIP Insider’s Club. You do need a computer, a webcam attached to your computer, or you could use a tablet or a smartphone. We do weekly online sessions (Google Hangouts or Zoom media) for discussions and demo’s, but there are videos and written material. The online sessions are half teaching and half discussion should you have problems or things you want to talk to me and the others about. These sessions are recorded an left online for members to see at any time.

A little more about me. I’ve been called a serial entrepreneur, but for years now I have focused on Affiliate Marketing, Private Label Rights (PLR) marketing, video and written content marketing, search engine optimization and coaching.

I started my working life as a radio disc-jockey and progressed to CEO/Owner in 50 years in radio broadcasting. Along the way I co-owned a music/record store, managed a #1 selling rock ‘n’ roll band, was a record producer, founder of a software company and a direct response sales company. Founder & CEO of a satellite radio programming service and creator of a full-time, 100,000 watt all Jazz radio station.

In 1993 I also decided that the Internet was the new frontier and became an Internet marketer and web services consultant. Since 2007, I have been solely focused on the web.

Membership in the VIP Insider’s Club has many perks as you’ve read above. For a more direct list and commitment requirement, check out joining the club.