Hi, I’m Chuck Camroux and I am a Digital Marketer, specializing in coaching, teaching and helping folks learn programs, software and systems. If you know something well, your output will improve greatly and your chances of earning more money increases.

Chuck Camroux Webmaster Most small businesses and bloggers as well as people who work from home or in offices use these programs on a regular basis, but I’ll bet they don’t know them really well. They learned what they had to learn to use them, not to get really creative with them.

We live in a digital age, but it’s still pretty new and most are just learning how to use the tools of the 21st century.

Content is king on the internet.

There’s lots of content types, from written and video to slide presentations, audio and graphics. Depending where you are standing in the working or freelance world, you need many of these programs and you need to use them to their fullest. That’s what this site is all about and we use video mostly to show you how to become an expert in each program. Video imbeds a much greater memory impression than text.

Using our free e-learning tools or taking advantage of our inexpensive take away tools is our goal. Using our tools is a sure sign of a business person or blogger who is focused on the day to day business or blog, creating a better experience for their user.

I’ve spent 5 decades helping people in the media fields of endeavour be more creative, exciting and valuable. Now I do it online. I’ve been directly involved with computerization since 1969 and deep into the Internet since 1993. Thus this digital writing and creative resource and e-learning website is a natural extension of my work before the Internet.

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