Anything that’s worth doing, is worth doing Poorly

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You read it correctly.

I really am saying that “anything that’s worth doing is worth doing poorly”.

Joachim DePosada said this and I found it on the The Gary Halbert Letter web site:, it struck such a huge cord. It made such immediate sense to me. The more I looked the more I realized that our lives were built around this statement. What about yours?

Go back to when you started to learn to drive. That very first time, you pressed your foot down on the throttle. The engine screamed. You lifted your left foot off the clutch with such panache, and you hurled forward with such velocity, you would have beaten anything animal or human.

Can you drive now?

Or how about the time your Dad told you you could drive the boat. You grabbed the wheel and damn near sank on your first turn. But you corrected, gathered your thoughts and remembered which side was port and which was starboard.

Can you drive a boat now?

I rest my case:

Anything that’s worth doing, is worth doing poorly.

Do you remember the first time you played tennis? Did you really get the serve right first time? Or did you carefully throw the ball in the air throw the racket and miss!!! What about now? Was it worth doing it poorly the first time around?

What happened the first time you strode up with your bucket of balls on the driving range? You put the ball down and swung perfectly and hit it for what 500 yards?????? Or, did you:

  1. miss it completely,
  2. follow through and fall over
  3. take out a good portion of the matting or grass with the shot
  4. hit it with such force it managed a few yards and stopped.

What is all this about?

Reminding yourself that…

Whenever you do something you haven’t done before.
Whenever, you make effort to break an old habit.
Whenever you are going to do something that is worth doing.

The odds are you are going to do it badly.

Don’t give in. You are normal. Don’t listen to that critical voice inside your head that says, “It’s no good. I can’t do it. I will never, ever try again”.

Listen instead to the powerful, self confirming voice that says,
“It’s OK. Remember. Anything that’s worth doing, is worth doing poorly”

So, whether your aim is to give up smoking… diet to lose weight or gain … stop drinking … change your job, learn a language, build a business, be better on-air, a better speaker or writer or whatever it is, accept that you are going to do it poorly at first. Then gradually with practice you will get better and better.

It takes effort to improve yourself. It takes effort to become the best sales person in town. It takes effort to build a successful business. It takes effort to lose weight. It takes effort to follow your dream.

But. If you want to improve yourself! ……..If you want to learn a new skill…….. There is only one way to start … Overcome your need to be right first time and keep practicing.

So whatever you want to do. Whatever you dream of being! Whatever you see yourself doing in five years time. It all starts with making a fool of yourself now. So you might as well get on with it. Go on, go for your dream!


Anything that’s worth doing, is worth doing poorly.




I decided to check out other works by Joachim DePosada who was a motivational speaker from Puerto Rico. He wrote some excellent books that I found on Amazon, and so far I’ve read one, and heading into the second. If you’re interested, here’s the links. Don’t Eat the Marshmallow Yet! The Secret to Sweet Success in Work and Life and Don’t Gobble the Marshmallow…Ever!: The Secret to Sweet Success in Times of Change.


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