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A good autobody shop is a dream for your automobile, but a bad one doesn’t cut the mustard these days. These two video samples help to make the sale to your potential customer. The first is a spokesperson style, the second is the popular animation style while the third is the popular kinetic word art. These are just $77 for each of these videos each visually customized.

It is also important to note that we can change the audio content and the additional charge to write and record a different audio is just $50. All prices quoted are in Canadian dollars too. Our market exclusive policy applies. This simply means that we will not sell the same video to another business in the same marketing area. The marketing area is defined in the agreement between us and the client.

Use these videos on your website, social media sites and on YouTube. The latter is important for search optimization as YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet. Remember, videos are absolutely proven to increase time spent on your website and in front of your message.

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