What is WordPress?

I could give you lots of important statistics like WordPress powers 32% of the web!

WordPress users create 41.7 million new posts and 60.5 million new comments each month. Think about it, 1,390,000 new WordPress posts are published every day. WordPress is so popular that the spammers create 132 million spam messages every month.…

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MS Word Resources

Many people are not aware of the tremendous capabilities of Microsoft’s Word program. We continually scour the net looking for “how-to” instructions on uses for MS Word. Although we have a 20-video e-learning program available (MS Word Tips), there are many free tips available.…

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cPanel WordPress Install

How to Install WordPress using your hosting site and cPanel (Control Panel).

It’s very simple and I’ll show you all the steps below. When you purchased your hosting, you receive the username and password (more likely the hosting company had you make up a username and password).

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