Chuck Camroux – The Big Cat

Chuck Camroux is a career broadcaster, a career Internet entrepreneur, a CEO, Corporate President of multi-million dollar companies, a writer including several documentaries and hundreds of promotions for advertising clients across Canada and the U.S.

Retired from the boardrooms to his home in Niagara where he writes web content for clients throughout North America and teaches people how to become SEO Web Content Writers.

Chuck is jealous of his time and does not take on a laundry list of clients at any given time. Working with two or three clients at any given moment, he is able to devote the maximum time to the creation of great content that will attract both the web audience and the search engines.

Content is built on the premise that the article is focused on keywords by those searching. If someone asks Google about RV’s for sale, and our focus keyword is “24 foot Airstream Classic Motorhome” – Google may or may not show the page in the resulting SERPs. So my suggestion is 4 similar articles with content change to allow for 4 main keyword queries. This way the chances of the articles being on the first page of the SERPs is high and therefore more effective.

I invite you to contact me to discuss your requirements. Let me build the dream for your new client.

Chuck Camroux



Niagara Falls, NY & ON