Clifton Hill Activity

There’s a lot more than the Falls to interest visitors to Niagara Falls. After all, you’re going to spend a day or several here, you might as well get to all the “attractions.” So lets look at some of what you can enjoy while walking around on Clifton Hill. It’s a street and the total distance of the attractions part of it is about 5 city blocks.

You’ll find restaurants, bowling alleys, fun and haunted houses, a Ferris Wheel and a lot more.

Here’s we see an Elvis Mime artist…

and equally as strange, is this house located just half a block off the the Hill…

but hey, it’s good fun, especially for the kids…

you shouldn’t scare them too much though.

All this and so much more and you’re never more than a couple of blocks from all three of the Falls at Niagara – The American Falls, The Canadian-horseshoe Falls and The Bridal Veil Falls.

All photo’s on this page taken by Chuck Camoux.

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