cPanel WordPress Install

How to Install WordPress using your hosting site and cPanel (Control Panel).

It’s very simple and I’ll show you all the steps below. When you purchased your hosting, you receive the username and password (more likely the hosting company had you make up a username and password). No matter, you now have the “credentials”. So let’s begin…

Log in to your new site (I am assuming .com below, but it can be any of the extensions like .net, .info or .ca):

Now you’ll see the cpanel for this domain. Make sure it is the right cpanel. It will have the domain shown on the panel. Then move to the bottom of the panel, and you will see the WordPress “W”. If you don’t you may see a file folder name like “Softaculous App Installer. Click on it and then you will see the “W”. Now click on the “W”.

Now click on “INSTALL” and then answer some questions:

* In the first and second sections, don’t change anything.

* In the third section, “ADMIN ACCOUNT” overwrite the word “admin” in the “username field” and insert your own username. DO NOT USE ADMIN. The hackers will love you because you made it easier to hack into your site. All lower case letter and numbers. Something like your last name and age, like smith38. Easy for you to remember, but still write it down and keep it safe.

* Next, overwrite PASS and insert your own password. Again, don’t make it easy, and upper and lower case and numbers and special keys all can be inserted. Something like K7#cgC?ja=0*. Of course, write it down too. I uderline the capital letters, that way there’s no confusion.

* Next you delete whatever email is in the field, and insert your own “real” email.

* Leave language as is, or change it to your language if different.

* There are usually two software programs ready to be installed (called WP Plugins). I suggest you check both if they aren’t already. One is a mail form script that you will use, and the other is a security plugin. It counts the number of time someone (could even be you) tries to login wrong, and cuts them off at a specific number. Again, mostly for hackers.

* Advanced and selecting a theme can be ignored.

* Now click INSTALL

If the form is completed correctly, you’ll see the site working for about a minute or less. Then it will inform you that you’re installed. It usually takes another few minutes before you can access your site while the servers propagate the hosting company files.

Next you enter your domain name into Google (or whoever you use for a browser), and up will pop you domain with WordPress installed.

The next steps can be in any order.

* Log into your new site, on the left is the DASHBOARD. Down to SETTINGS and then PERMALINKS. Click on Permalinks and click on POST NAME > then SAVE CHANGES. This tells WP that you want to show your post name in the URL.

* Now go to SETTINGS then GENERAL. In the SITE TITLE insert the name of your site. Great Guitars, Best Pizza, etc. In the TAGLINE field insert Your marketing hook. Like Best 12 String Guitars, or The Best Hawaiian Pizza, etc. These are more for search optimization.

* Now go to TIMEZONE and in the dropdown menu, find the city closest to you but in your time zone. Now leave the DATE FORMAT, TIME FORMAT and WEEK STARTS ON fields as is. Click on SAVE CHANGES

WordPress is installed.