Here’s the transcript for those wishing to read about how to create banner ads for your website.

In this video, we’re going to talk about how to create call to action banner ads for less than $10-$15, and you can get them created for even $5 if you use the right sites. And I’m going to walk you through the whole process, step-by-step and this is Part 1, so let’s go ahead and get started.

First of all I want to talk about the strategies that you can use, so that you can be aware of how to use banner ads to convert people into potential buyers or potential subscribers. Now there are different high converting strategies here. you can place banner ads on your front page, or your sidebar of your WordPress site; and you can forward them to “helpful tips” that are located on the inner pages on the site; or you can have banner ads on the front page; or on the sidebar that link to some sort of special free video or report with helpful tips. And when you do this, you have the ability to get people onto your lists, or to gain people’s trust and therefore you increase the conversion rate.

You can also use banner ads to get them to call you, fill out a form; but you’ll convert higher if you give continuous value like tips and advice, and things that people would normally pay for. Try to avoid selling anything on your banner ad or you can risk losing people. People do not ads, people are very skeptical nowadays. So the best way you can approach that issue is simply by appealing to them, by gaining their trust and helping them.

So what’s on the banner ad? The title is very, very important. This is what grabs people because it’s the first thing that they see. So you need a title that expresses what’s in it for them, short and sweet. You can do something like, “The Top Five Things to Avoid” “The Top Five Things to Save Money” to save time, and prevent this and that. A lot of times “Save Time” or “Save Money” are the majority eye catchers, but if you can show people how to prevent certain things, like prevent losing a lot of money or prevent losing a lot of time. So if you can actually mix “avoid” with “save money or time” or “prevention” with “save money and time” – that can also increase your conversions as well.

Besides the title, you’re going to need to have some sort of action picture that shows people what your service is all about, what your product is all about, or some sort of action that you want them to take. So in a way, you are indirectly telling people exactly what they need to do, and if you’re looking for pictures, I’d recommend that you go to Find a call to action picture that you like, it’s anywhere from $1.00-$1.50 to $2.00 per image, and it’s really, really cheap. And you’re also going to need a call to action, you’re going to need to have some sort of short blurb that says something like, “click here to” read or “click here to” watch this video, or watch this free video or call now at 1-800-XXX-XXXX to get ______. And make sure to include verbs in your call to action, verbs are actually known to actually increase the conversion rate because you’re telling people what they need to do. People don’t want to think nowadays, they just want you tell them what to do.

So you need three different things: title, action picture, and call to action. Now let’s talk about getting it designed, and I want to show you step-by-step how we’re going to go about doing this. So let’s go ahead and do this now. In this example, I’m going to be creating a banner ad for my fake website company. And let’s say for example it’s called “Columbia Roof Replacement.” And I’m going to make the title, “Top Five Ways to Maintain Your Roof” and what I’m going to do is – let’s say I make a website, once I get the banner ad I’m going to redirect people from the banner ad to a page on my site. And I’ll show you more about that in Part 2, but in this specific part, I just want to show you how to get it created. So in this case, I’ve got a logo here and I’ve got a picture.

We’re going to go to to find a banner designer, but you can use any freelance site that you want, like or even I like because it starts out at five bucks, you can always contact the designers, and whoever is providing the gig at the Fiverr projects and negotiate with them. Alright, so what you need to do now is to hop on over to (that’s and at the Search box here, simply type in “banner ad” and do a search. And what we want to do now is to basically organize the ratings here, basically get the best rated at the top, and do a search from the top to the bottom.

So you can see an idea of the banner ads that are being produced, and what I normally like to do is I look at this, and I open this in a brand new window. So I’m going to open this one, this one, this one, this one, and you can see that they’re top rated sellers here. I want to find people that can make good designs. So I’ve opened up six tabs here, I’ve got this person here – I really like these banner ads, these are really, really professional banner ads. Considering it is three days estimated wait time, you get two different sizes for $5.00 and you get the complete .psd files – normally I like to get the complete Photoshop files. That way you can do some editing if I choose to do so. And you can also get three more sizes for your banner ads and so forth.

What I try to do is I try to find people who can actually design, who have a good designing eye. So I look at all their banner ads, and see if it adds up, because, I mean no matter where you go to, you know people can use other people’s banner ads. But what you’re trying to figure out here – is there a similarity or some sort of pattern between all of these banner ads to make sure that this person is legit. So from what I see, this person is legit. And we’ve got this person; I don’t really like this person’s banner ads, so I’m going to move to the next person. And I’m just picking myself, so I like this person’s banner ads as well, but it’s 12 days, I don’t want to wait 12 days, so I’m going to close this person down. This person has decent banner ads; okay, not too good, not what I’m looking for. And basically look through all of these, and I think what I’m going to go with is this Jimmy Gibbs guy. And as I’m creating this video, you know by the time you’re watching this video, this guy could be here or he could be gone. So the reason why I wanted to show this to you is, instead of directing you to a specific person, it’s just so that you can go to Fiverr and actually find somebody who will do a good job.

So what you need to do now is to create an account if you don’t already have one. So I’m going to sign in, and okay let’s see here, so what kind of options does he have? He has….okay so what I’m going to get is, I’m going to get the original $5.00 order, but I also want a call to action. It says “I will add a call to action button, click here or learn more on your banners for an extra $5.00” so, I’m just going to pay $10 to this guy and get some banner ads done. And as you can see, you can request specific standard sizes, because if the “click here” or the “watch this video” call to action is a button, that really helps because then people will feel like, “okay I click this right here.” even though that whole link is hyperlinked. So let me go ahead and purchase this person’s gig, and I’ll walk you through the whole process.

Okay so I went ahead and purchased this gig from Jimmy Gibbs, and as you can see here, he requires the following. So what they’re going to do is they’re going to ask you for the title, the image, the sizes and the call to action button. So once you give this information and the logo, I decided to go with the logo; let’s take a look at what he’ll produce. So within three days, I’m going to re-pause this video and we’ll see what he produces!

Alright great, so it took about two days. Instead of three days it was two days, so he did it fairly quickly, and as you can see here, we got several banner ads that were created, and a call to action button here. And this is really cool, I like this, this looks really good. So there we go, and we got the files here, so we can go ahead and download these files and we’re going to use them. So as you can see, very, very easy to do – all this for ten bucks, and now in the next video, I’m going to show you how to add it to your WordPress site!


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