Creating the Environment of Success

Success by itself is far to broad. I want to go for a walk and walk a mile. When completed, I’m successful. In 1969 the U.S. wanted to go to the Moon. When they returned from that historic mission, they could claim success. Both examples relate to examples of success.

But what about a more personal and long-term success plan. That becomes a personal development plan. It doesn’t happen overnight, it takes planning. We’ve all heard “if you don’t plan, you are planning to fail.” Today I want to talk about your plan to be successful. You’ll be far more able to reach your goal of success if you have a real plan.

During my 50 years in broadcasting, I used to write down my “wish” and then make notes how I thought I could achieve my wish. It was pretty loose, but worked. Today, the world is more complicated and competition can be overwhelming, so I suggest you need to have a real plan that you follow and spend some time every day working on it. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes, or maybe a half hour some days, but they will be the most important 15 minutes you’ll spend as you achieve more and more success.

Recently a friend asked me what was my greatest career success. I said we need an hour or two because I consider my successes steps on a ladder to greater successes. When I was a disc-jockey playing the hits of the day on the radio I never dreamed nor planned to become the CEO of some of the biggest broadcast companies in the country. So I count my successes as the steps on the ladder. Thus each is a great achievement. Of course we are talking about career development and subsequent successes.

Within this site, you’ll find “Creating A Personal Development Plan” that you can use to begin your dedicated achievement path in your career. It probably won’t be your last development plan, but it can be the beginning to a lifetime of successes. Just so you know this isn’t a pitch to sell you something, the planner is free simply for becoming a member of the success tribe – our personal group of folks who want to achieve success in their careers.

Oh yes, membership is free too. You can learn more about membership here.

Using a development planner such as the one I am offering you, you discover your purpose. You stop doing the same old thing every day and start expanding your capabilities. You achieve more self-awareness. You pay attention to your strengths and weaknesses and you are more sure of yourself. You have a much better sense of direction and are able to get where you want to go because you know the path to get you there.

This is just the beginning of your plan.

A 10 page instruction booklet comes with the planner. The planner itself is for the entire year. You can use it on your computer or tablet or you can print it and carry it with you as reference. Again, here’s where you’ll find your free planner within this website.

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