Demand for Affiliates

With the job market unstable, and the long-term prospects at most job poor, one has to ask “is there a demand for affiliate marketers, especially in the overcrowded Internet?”

Yes, there is a huge demand, growing larger every day.

A big part of the reason is the continual demise of the bricks and mortar stores. Lord & Taylor’s main store in New York has gone for sale and the venerable Macy’s store closing 68 of 100 stores tells the story. There is good reasons that affiliate marketing has experienced steady growth throughout the ups and downs of online advertising—it works. And affiliate marketing has evolved to become a reliable source of sales for a wide range of marketers.

Affiliate marketing has evolved from the early years when some touted it as the future of online advertising, and others claimed it was the downfall of the medium. It’s now a sophisticated channel that generates anywhere from five to 25% of online sales for many of the world’s biggest brands.

Almost all major multi-channel marketers have an affiliate program of some kind. The important thing to remember is that affiliate programs now come in all shapes and sizes. The concept of a wide-open affiliate program with an unlimited and uncontrolled number of affiliates is a thing of the past. Nearly all marketers agree that affiliates add value to an online marketing effort, but the program must be tailored to meet the marketer’s objectives.

Affiliate marketing did not bring an end to other, higher priced forms of online media advertising. The success of the affiliate marketing in delivering sales cost effectively by way of a pay-for-performance model paved the way for other forms of performance-based advertising, to create acceptance among direct marketers. Affiliate marketing has evolved, with affiliates and marketers becoming more sophisticated and programs more integrated with other forms of online marketing.

But you can’t expect it to work all by itself. It takes work to make Affiliate Marketing “passive.” Top affiliate marketers make anywhere from $100,000 to $1,000,000 plus a year, working with a computer and an Internet connection.

The best part is that anyone can get into Affiliate Marketing and grow a real solid business. However some estimates think that 80% of all would be affiliate marketers quit within 3 to 6 months of starting an affiliate business online. These people then tell everyone that it was because affiliate marketing doesn’t work, when in reality it’s because they didn’t work their affiliate marketing business.

For the people that stick it out, learn it, and treat it like the business that it is, they end up make good money. How much? That’s up to you, and how much time and effort you put into it. Which is like most businesses.

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