Finding Your Product On Amazon


Alright, you’ve decided on a niche, so now we’ll take a look at what you can find at Amazon to promote. Head for the home page of Amazon and on the top left you’ll see the SHOP BY DEPARTMENT link.

When you click on it you’ll see a drop down of categories of products. In our demonstration, we decided to go into home, garden & tools category or niche. In most cases I stay away from categories such as unlimited videos, mp3’s, kindle. Now having said that, if there’s a book, kindle or otherwise, that a boater might be interested in, I certainly let them know. But I don’t focus my niche on lower priced items.

You want to try and promote products that cost $100 plus because there’s a decent enough commission. Also I like to promote products that have shelf life. If they turn over often it means that the site(s) have to be updated often, and that’s a waste of a lot of man/womanpower.

Clicking on the home, garden and tools category, we then click on the power and hand tools sub-category. Here we can look around, ignoring for the most part the hand tools because of price. So we go into the power tools sub-category. Within this category, on the right side, you’ll see “Best Sellers” in the home improvement category, of Industrial Drills.

I click on the “chordless drills” and when we go to this page, there’s more information about the drills, but you check to be sure the product is being sorted by “popularity.” On the right side at the top is the “Sort By” drop down menu. You want by “popularity.”

If you look at the top of the category you can see that we are in…

Tools & Home Improvement > Power & Hand Tools > Power Tools > Drills > Chrodless Electric

People are buying these products, and because they are popular, more people are looking for them. That means if I can get my site in front of them I stand a good chance of making some money.

Next I’ll check out the products to see if I can find 3 to use as review products on my site. I see the first product has 4 and a half stars out of 5, and 81 reviews. This is probably an excellent product to feature on my affiliate site.

I am looking for a $100 plus price point, lots of reviews and 4+ stars.

OK, now it’s your turn.

Find your niche, then work your way through the sub-categories, and then find 3 products you want to review. 4 or more stars, 25 plus reviews and valued at more than $100.