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How many of you remember, or know about Victor Kiam’s advertising campaign in the late 70’s – “I liked the shaver so much I bought the company!” (He bought Remington Shavers). That’s the same idea that went through me recently. I’ll start a site dedicated to helping affiliate marketers. For 20 years I have been an Affiliate Marketer. Getting in on the ground floor of online affiliate marketing in the late 90’s and honing my business, marketing style and of course knowledge through the early 2000’s and running a full blown affiliate marketing business since 2010.

Over the past 10 years or so, I have been helping people understand and join the ranks of Affiliate Marketing, earning an income either part time or full time. After all, I have been a full time affiliate marketer since 2007. Then it seemed to me that I should expand teaching my successful brand of Affiliate Marketing to more people who obviously want to learn how to make money online without going through heavy duty technical courses, marketing courses and high costs of trivial purchases that promise a chance at the golden ring.

This website is the beginning of that plan. I like affiliate marketing so much I’m opening the doors so more people can do the same thing easily, successfully and without fear of collapsing under the weight of information overload. It’s March 2018 as I write this and the doors have just opened. For those who join the Affiliate Marketing VIP Insider’s Club today, during our launch, you get a huge advantage, saving 70% for membership, discounted from $67 a month to just $20 a month, and that fee it remains for as long as you are a member.

What is the Affiliate Marketer’s VIP Insider’s Club?

What are the benefits of the Affiliate Marketer’s VIP Insider’s Club?

• The 10 Step Affiliate Marketing eCourse to success.

• Affiliate marketing WordPress website and hosting for a full year. Use it to learn and to earn. Save countless hours and a huge learning curve with a done-for-your affiliate marketing site, ready for your niche.

• Video training available 24/7. WordPress, cPanel, Amazon S3,

• News, latest affiliate information and how-to help through our members only blogs

• Exclusive products related to affiliate marketing made available free to members, saving hundreds of dollars over the year while improving our member’s income opportunities.

• Exclusive members only forum. Only serious affiliate marketers so no fluff. You are gathered around the watercooler every time you access the VIP Insider’s Club Forum to learn more from each other and our group of experts that drop by daily.

• We are focused on Amazon affiliation as our core, but we bring in additional programs to insure a stronger income base.

• The most complete content library anywhere, to make your website promotions sing. Need a stock photo, or a music track for website design enhancement, review video background or any other use to improve your income opportunities. Or more than one million articles, including product review for hot products. Use them as thought startes or just rewrite them easily to make them your own. Thousands of graphics, explainer videos, icons, signs, buttons and more.

• Our own affiliate programaffiliate program paying you 50% of sales generated because of your promotion.