This is not a joke. Today, thousands of companies are looking for web content writers, full-time and part-time.

It’s probably the hottest “job” in the job market and is only going to
become more in demand!

What is Web Content Marketing?

A type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as blogs, videos and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand. It is intended to stimulate interest in products or services.

Just think about it. Over the course of a year, writing 1000 articles isn’t very difficult. Neither is being paid an average of $250 an article. That means you will earn $250,000 in the year.

Why is Content Marketing so important?

Because every question asked of Google, who control about 85% of the web searches, and receives 40,000 queries every second, and determines from your question what you are looking for, then matches your question with answer on websites. Google then displays search engine results pages so the person asking the question can click on a relevant link and get the information they are looking for.

It’s not just an important step, it is THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP in information retrieval on the web, period.

Also, to properly answer the question, “why is content marketing so important,” you must first understand what a SERP is and how it is created. We are long past phone books and their importance of finding a company, service or product. We use computers now and smartphones are deemed a computer device, to find categories of businesses, products, restaurant menu’s, etc.

If you don’t know about SERPs and Content Marketing, you should read this page now because SERPs are arguably the most important pages on the internet. If you know what SERPs are, then keep reading.

When someone queries (asks Google for information), the answers to these millions of queries a day are analyzed by Google and they present a page or pages that list website locations that appear to answer your query request. The search engines DO NOT scour the web looking for these websites when you query, they search their own index of websites to find relevant websites.

So, the first step is to understand that your page must be indexed by Google for them to answer the query and include your business website in the answer. If you are not in the index, you are completely transparent and essentially non-existent.

Smart business people do content marketing to find new customers and retain current customers.

Is It Immoral To Make Money This Easily?

The advancement of science and technology has posed hordes of advantages to mankind, and the Internet is among those scientific inventions that has created a revolution in your personal and the business world.

With the advent of the internet, new terminology has been introduced – Content Writing.

My name is Chuck Camroux and I am a content marketing specialist and SEO Web Content Writer. I write for all types of businesses, from the very large to small, family owned and operated businesses. The Internet has leveled the playing field, allowing the little guy to compete on almost equal ground as the big company.

The problem is time and capability. Do you have the time to be a writer of content, or are you tied up running other aspects of your enterprise? Therein lies the problem for all companies. Are you a large company and you are concerned with the costs of a new “specialized SEO writing” department when what your main function as a business is running an RV sales company.

It seems to many that writing a few words on your website will be the magic that brings you customers because Google will tell them about you. NOT!

That’s why it’s called SEO Web Content Writing. Google needs a lot of special information inserted in your article and in the computer code surrounding your article in order to determine if your article answers a query by an internet surfer.

That’s where people who know how to craft a story that the audience and Google like are in such high demand. A story that both the audience and Google will read from start to finish. A story that answers the search query and has a call to action carefully inserted in the copy, moving the reader to interact with the business.

All writers specialize in creating the dream. You want to buy a boat, what’s your dream?. Anyone can list the technical capabilities of the boat, but that’s not what clinches the sale. It’s the dream. Why do they want a boat, or car, or motorcycle, or cruise, or stay at a resort on an island in the sun, or new home? The dream story digs into the emotions and tugs the reader to your product or service.

If you and your business are in need of new articles, or have products to promote, or houses to sell, or cars, boats and motorhomes, contact me to discuss how I can help you get more interested customers.

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