Is Your Business Portable?

In our series “Working from Home”, there are many aspects to a home based business and one important one is making your business portable.

Being based at home, and dealing with clients who may be around the corner, across town or in another city, means travel. But most home based businesses don’t have a support staff, thus you need to make your business portable.

Have you thought out how you insure that you have a successful business trip. Some of the issues include…

* Needing space to do your work in private
* A hotel with an office/computer/printer facility
* Where you sit on an airplane for privacy or because of claustrophobia and needing a window seat
* Do you have medical needs, and have you thought about plans to take care of these. Thinking here of [say] a diabetic needing privacy to take insulin, etc.

To get some control over the variable of where you sit to or from your business trip, put some thought into the issue up front and see if you can reserve the seat that suits your purposes before you ever get to the airport. If you use online reservations, you can get a map of the plane, which will show you which seats are open. This gives you excellent ability to move your seat so you can sit just where you want before you go to the airport.

Factors for consideration include the room you need in your seat and whether you need to recline your seat or not. The seats on the exit row are almost always more roomy. In exchange for being willing to open the door in an emergency, you can gain twice as much room as you might have had which pays off when you want to work during the flight.

Remember too, the last row of the airplane usually does not recline. The upside of that row is that you don’t have anyone behind you to kick your seat back or bounce the tray table as they do whatever it is they are doing back there. By the same token, the first set in the section does not have seats in front of it so it can be roomier. But you may not have a tray table to use to set your laptop on for work.

It is important to think through your travel needs so you help the portability of your business trip. In another article I’ll talk about travel by car and staying portable when on the road for business.


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