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Keywords – The Holy Grail?

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We all know keywords are important. But are they THE most important ingredient of your website or blog? NO! Focused, quality content is first and foremost.

After that comes keywords and meta descriptions for each page. Write first, assuming you’ve got a niche topic that your audience is interested in, then edit carefully making sure you’ve written for your intended audience. Make sure you’ve included rich media and quality pictures and graphics that hold attention. Maybe you’ve got a video and audio too. These things help to increase time spent on your site.

Done all that?

NOW organize your keywords and meta descriptions.

First, see what unintended keywords you’ve inserted in your post. Remember, there are broad, exact, long-tail and others. You’re bound to have inserted some keywords in your copy, so see what you have already accomplished.

Now divide your keywords into your “broad”, “exact”, “body” and “long-tail” keywords. Make a list for each type. What you are going to do now is important. Again, your Website Is The Lifeline Of Your Business! It is more important than any single other asset you and your
business can own. It’s where people find the information, and make decisions, about you and your product. The phone line, the chat, SMS and text, email and social media: All of these go toward supporting your website. The power of a domain name is limitless. It is bigger than the biggest
mall or the biggest factory. It deserves your continued attention!

Go through your check list for every post or page.

1. Title Tags – have you taken full advantage
2. Headings – are you using the tags to full advantage
3. Page URL – is your page URL properly structured
4. ALT Text – are all images properly optimized
5. Page Speed – have you checked that your page speed is acceptable
6. Content – have you double checked your content
7. Internal Links – do you have any
8. Social – are your social sharing buttons active
9. Social Duplicate – is your post also available on social
10. Post Content Complete – is your post long and topic complete

Have you created a strong meta description for the page/post? SEO is not easy. It changes with time and is impacted by any changes made by Google to their search algorithms.

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