Learn A More Complete MS Word

MS Word Cover       20-part video training of the most used word processing program in the world. Not much more can be said that you already don’t know, except do you really know how to use it? No word processor is as convenient as MS Word. From formatting to split view to tracking changes and project sharing, MS Word just makes things easier. You can work on a document and have other people review and contribute to the content. Even better, you can track all changes made to a Word document and even revert to an earlier version. MS Word is the best word processing software on the planet and if you don’t know how to fully use it yet, then you’re missing out big time.

WORD. is one of the programs that spans all categories of users because it’s a basic writing tool. You can surround your MS Word program with dozens of add-on’s to help you be a better writer, especially in your specialty.

These video lessons that we offer cover each of the main menu items, bringing you more “how-to” information about some exciting capabilities of Word. For instance here’s what you’ll learn in our MSWord Training

  • An overview of the lessons
  • Each video focuses on a specific main menu item and breaks down the various items on that menu and things they allow you to do with your document.

  • The File Menu Part 1
  • The File Menu Part 2
  • The Home Menu Part 1
  • The Home Menu Part 2, Styles
  • The Insert Menu Part 1
  • The Insert Menu Part 2
  • The Design Menu
  • The Layout Menu
  • The References Menu
  • The References Menu – Table of Contents
  • The Mailing Menu
  • The Review Menu Part 1
  • The Review Menu Part 2
  • The Review Menu – Resume Assistant
  • The View Menu
  • Basic Document Creation Part 1
  • Basic Document Creation Part 2
  • File Type Saving
  • Conclusion

You can see the info that you get about one of your most used programs on your computer. These 20 videos, and 20 audio files, will add a new level of capability to most users of MS Word.

The audio files are great to have them on your audio only players (or smartphone, etc) so you can hear about these added Word capabilities while running, walking, eating lunch or driving.

Once you purchase these short instructional videos, they are downloaded to your computer which gives you the information right on your computer. No firing up your browser and heading into the ‘cloud’ to find out how to do something in Word, they are right there whenever you need them.

Head over to our MS Word store page where you’ll find some additional information. [Word Store Page.]

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