MS Word Resources

Many people are not aware of the tremendous capabilities of Microsoft’s Word program. We continually scour the net looking for “how-to” instructions on uses for MS Word. Although we have a 20-video e-learning program available (MS Word Tips), there are many free tips available.

I particularly like the info that Lifewire has provided, and of course it is free. Here’s some links…

Using MS Word to make Blog Entries.     I’ve been using Word for some time now as a website article and blog writer. Not exclusively, but about half the time. I use Word for most of my writing, for websites and otherwise, and like the capability to have the program insert the posting in the website automatically. This article tells you how.

The article also show you “How to Write, Publish, Draft, or Edit Blog Posts”, “How to Set up and Post to Your Blog’s Categories” and “How to Back up Blog Posts as Word Documents”. The latter I do often.

On this page, Use Microsoft Word to Make Blog Entries, you’ll find links to other helpful articles for Spreadsheets, Presentations, Desktop Publishing, Graphic Design, Databases and Animation & Video. All very useful, good stuff. Again, the page link is …

Using MS Word to make Blog Entries.