• Up to 1,000 word article – $125.00 Canadian •

• Up to 2,000 word article – $250.00 Canadian •


* Final draft requires client approval before final submission.
* Any rich media used (pictures, graphics or video) provided by the writer at no additional charge.
* Keyword research provided at no charge by the writer.
* Business/category research provided at no charge
* Meta ‘title’ and ‘description’ included at no additional charge.
* Excerpt/snippet included at no additional charge
* Focus keyword and related keyword phrases included at no charge.
* A 10% over/under in word count is provided for the writer.

These prices reflect the purchase of a minimum of two articles in a month. There is no maximum requirement.
We do not write short as don’t meet Google’s quality content requirement.
Draft delivery is usually 3 to 6 days (depending on the words required per article).
If client has specific keywords required, just let us know at time of order.

Custom quotes may be required upon discussion with client.