Product Reviews

Product reviews are a major component of affiliate marketing articles. There are two ingredients in these reviews. Those of others that you find on the Amazon or site you are dealing with (eBay, etc), and those you create.

Then there are two types of creation, and three or four styles.

The two types of creation are from actual experience (you own or have a copy of the product) and can speak from touch and feel knowledge, and by looking at what others have said about the product and rewriting their ideas in your own words. Not quite as effective as owning the product yourself, but far better than no reviews.

The styles of reviews are the way you present your reviews. Written, graphically (a drawing to explain something, a video or several and audio. You probably should do more than one style within a review, making it more powerful and complete.

I am often asked why just audio. First answer – I come from a long career as a broadcaster, so I believe in the spoken word. But it’s important to remember that people like to hear things, not necessarily always with pictures or the written word. And finally, you have to use audio with the video, so just have a separate feed for something you already have.

88% of consumers trust an online product review as much as a personal recommendation, making them super effective. Your reviews must be honest, easy to read, informative and relatable. I have these four things written above my computer screens to be sure I never forget.

Remember, nothing makes a product review more authentic than you actually using the product. So do everything in your power to get your hands on a product, because it allows you to create content much easier. If you review expensive items you’re not going to buy them, so you need to find people who have them. I often ask people online if they have a particular product.

I’ll give you a “for instance”. I wanted to review a camera, the new Sony a9. But I wasn’t about to buy it for several thousand, especially since I personally didn’t need it. Want it, yes, need it, no. So I first went to a local camera store that had one and asked if I could look it over and make notes. In return the store got credit where you could buy it.

I even took pictures of the camera in-store, and when I was done I went home and did the first draft of the review. Then I went to the local area photography forums and asked if anyone had the camera. Got an answer and explained what I was doing and what I wanted to do. The gentleman was very gracious and took me on a photo shoot for a couple of hours.

With all of this I was able to write a review of a camera I didn’t own or have in my possession. But it was hands on and complete from my perspective. Has it worked? I have received credit for three cameras sold through affiliate links and the local store called to tell me that someone came into the store and bought a camera, so they invited me back anytime I want to look at photography equipment.

Just get a little creative, and have patience. Once review for an item as expensive as this was is worth the effort, and of course the shelf life of the review is a long way into the future.

One more far less expensive, but unique product example is a dog wheelchair. Some background. My daughter and family had a Pug named Mabel. Mable got so she was unable to use her back legs, which obviously presented a huge problem. So they bought a chair, a wheel chair for Mabel as seen in this picture of Mabel and her chair.

Now you may have a dog oriented affiliate site. Would you have thought about dog wheelchairs to review? Not everyone would. But because of personal experience, I learned about these great units, and guess what, Amazon has several models, as does eBay and I’m sure they are not alone.

Using the example I use throughout, binoculars, here’s a couple of reviews from a particular binocular. Reviews are important as many more people check them out compared to what many people think look at reviews. For these examples, I use a WordPress Plugun that actually goes and finds the reviews for any product I am promoting.

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