Silent Video Marketing

Lately more and more videos are appearing without narration or sound of any kind. Some do have music, but playing very soft. The idea is to stop the heart stopping blast the has become a norm if your video comes on at high volume just when someone logs into your page. Google’s Chrome browser has already announced that they will no longer automatically play videos unless they are muted or have no sound. You know this will cause a ripple across the browser world.

What this means is that sites that have a video, or videos, will have to pre-mute them instead of automatically having sound when the video starts at the opening of a website. I can think of hundreds of sites where this happens. Most of the time it isn’t enough to give you a start, but those that try to get your attention with something loud have forced those that don’t to make changes.

This change will be in a new Chrome update, probably early in the new year.

If you don’t know what a silent marketing video is, examples are the videos at Simply Recipes who were early adapters of the concept. I use them as an example because they have 3 million subscribers and they say that their silent videos are a major factor in their subscriber size. Plus, they do a really nice job.

30-second videos, no longer than 90-seconds, for marketing your product or service is becoming a major advertising factor, and is adding hundreds of thousands of hours of YouTube video time.

Our video production service has already produced silent marketing videos for clients, and we offer inexpensive videos in virtually every category, taking advantage of our 11,000 stock video footage files, and 50,000 stock photograph files converted to video, along with kinetic type marketing messages. Call for details, +


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