The Blind Spot Of “Long Tail Keywords”

Just like average Internet marketers, after taking courses and reading, I start doing AdWords campaigns. I applied lots of “long tail keywords”, and results sucked!

One must learn how to interpret the theory behind those experts by testing their theory and constantly modify and made perfect it with your experience.

The truth behind “long tail keyword” is doing the “right long tail keyword”. How are we going to be sure that such long tail keyword is used by the people (prospects) to find their way to their answer?

“Research and testing”, research the market by visiting the forums, blogs, article directories and any place that is talking about your niche. Find out their wording, their problems and the process of getting the solution! Then prepare the keyword list as usual – keyword tool research. Put out the generic search terms found during the research, don’t drill into long tail keyword yet. Monitor and observe closely, find the most click through or impression keyword(s), remember to track the actual organic keyword(s) used to drive people your site (Google analytics will do the job).

Then expand your research and tested keywords into “long tail keywords”, and now you are in business! You should be able to find the gold in AdWords for your niche!

Remember to brainstorm your research through identifying the process, find the weak point and may be creating your own product to promote! This is my fastest way to PPC marketing and Niche marketing.

The most important thing in keyword research is to simulate your customer, put yourself in the customer shoes, feel like them, think like them, ask yourself what do you want, what is the problem and solution? While you are thinking, always open your keyword research tools and try to confirm there is a market every time an idea strikes you!

Google is the largest PPC marketing provider, but in terms of conversion and profitability, Yahoo search marketing and MSN AdCenter with less competitive searches probably converts sales better. Never limit yourself to one provider, always test all possibility. If Google market share is 60%, and you are not doing anything to fill up the 40% gap, you are putting money on the table!

Lastly, let me share my 3 tips to a successful marketing campaign:

1. Provides a solution to a problem, not simply get a product to fill the gaps. This will highly increase your conversion rate because of high demand. (Always remember to make your customer’s life easier, this is the key to long term success, especially when you’re trying to establish a good relationship)

2. Always keep track of your traffic, visitors’ behavior on your web site and split test your Ads, Landing page and Sales page.

3. During the testing, eliminate the “loss” factors, scale up the “profit” factors and consistently monitor and improve the campaign.

Hope this information is helpful, and you are welcome to share any ideas and thoughts with me.

[Written by Chuck Camroux – 20+ years of online Affiliate Marketing plus 30 years of media senior management and marketing expertise. You can reach me using the “Contact” for at the top of this page.]


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