Web Content and Traffic Specialist

My name is Chuck Camroux and I am a Web Content, Traffic and Affiliate Marketing Specialist. What does that mean?

I help businesses formulate and implement a strategy to attract traffic (visitors to your website and social media sites) so they can become valuable customers. But I don’t stop at helping to set the goals and actions to achieve your goals, I also help implement and execute the actions necessary to achieve the goals through content implementation.

Your business has great employees, a fantastic product or service and is prominent in your community. But if your team and your vision are not unified, you’ll never reach your full potential.

Yet, you can’t do it all yourself. As a business owner, your problems are anything but small. Your daily requirements of running a business, compounded with a lack of resources can make you feel lost and fatigued.

That’s where I come in. To relieve some of those stresses and help you achieve a greater footprint in your marketplace, which in turn gives you more profit, more relief and more reasons to like what you do for a living.

I don’t just bring the over used and tired phrase SEO to your business, I bring a complete, proven web traffic gathering system. A system that includes:

Facebook – Twitter – Blogging – Forum Marketing – Facebook – Press Releases – SEO – Pinterest – Video Marketing – Article Submissions – RSS Submissions – Blog Commenting and where appropriate Banner Ads – Solo Ads – Joint Ventures – Facebook Ads and much more.

I bring 25 years of web experience, including the ability to plan all the stages of content campaigns, including measurement, and demonstrated knowledge and success in developing content for search engine optimization. Extensive experience using the most popular platform on the web, WordPress and advanced knowledge of Google Analytics.

In addition, I have extensive experience in audio and video production and marketing.

Remember, visibility is important, and getting traffic is #1 in your ongoing web activities. Interested in moving your site up in search, adding hundreds, even thousands of new web visitors to attract as customers? Give me a call + or email me at chuck@camroux.com and let’s get started.

We can also create a productive website for you, and you can find out more here.

Note: I accept a limited number of clients so insure that the quality of our service remains first class.