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I provide small and medium size business clients with marketing videos to promote their products and services. Videos are uploaded to various video sharing sites including YouTube and Vimeo with each version optimized for specific keywords related to customer queries. These types of videos range from 30-seconds to 5-minutes in length.

One of our most imporant services is blogs for small business. Often small business owners will ask why they need a blog, and besides they complain that they don’t have the time to blog. Our blog service is an important ingredient in the success of their businesses.

First is the question of WHY a business needs a blog. Why did you need an ad in the yellow pages? So people could find you by name or by category, and every business owner who’s been around for 5 years or longer know how expensive ads in the yellow pages were and are.

But today, telephone directories are a thing of the past. Replaced by the smartphone. When someone wants to find a local plumber, hardware store, dentist, funeral home or jewellery store the standard practice is to “Google it.” Now comes the problem.

75% of all local searches are done using a smartphone. So the sites that appear HAVE TO BE MOBILE sites. That a design function. If you have to pinch and stroke your screen to see the site, you lose the potential customer within 8 seconds or less.

Next, and most importantly, when you do a search people rarely go past the first page of the search. And for those that do go beyond, it’s page two and then it’s on to another search. What that means is that your business needs to be on page 1, page 2 of the search results – at the worst.

Have you checked lately?

You get on page one in several ways, and you need all of them working for you. Short of typing your business name in their browser, everything else depends on your site optimization, so Google knows when to show your business in a query.

A blog constantly adds new keywords (query requests) to your site, giving Google more ways and reasons to bring you up in the search rankings. A standard site usually averages 6 to 15 keywords/phrases. Each blog post adds 5 to 10 new keyword/phrases to your overall site. At the end of [say] six months, you’ve added 30 to 60 keywords to your site, and to Google’s indexing.

Why is that important? Because when people search they are using keyword phrases. For instance…

    * plumber in niagara falls
    * children’s dentist in niagara
    * jewelery store watches men gold

Or they could get somewhat complicated…

    * hardware store with plumbers pip wrench for kitchen sink
    * auto dealer with white chrysler grand seats 7

So how do you become one of the 10 results that show on page one? You match these keywords in the Google index, and have some detailed info in the blog with posts about how you handle children’s dentistry, or your latest men’s gold watches, or the Grand Caravans that you have on the lot. Google reads the text of the blogs, and has a list of matching or close keywords in their index and makes a decision to show you on page one, or two.

That’s one of the compelling reasons for your business to blog.

But when you are contracted to us to handle your blog, we add two other very important ingredients. Video and audio. Google loves videos, especially how-to and the like. After all, they own YouTube, the second largest search facility after Google. So they look and see if there are any videos that meet the search criteria of the person searching for a jeweler, dentist, etc.

They find the video that we have created from the blog post. It is indexed along with a script (so Google can read the video). So Google will place the video on page one or two. Same thing with the audio track of the video. So your business could possibly have three or more results on page 1, and that means those making the query could very well become your customer.

Like it or not, it’s the way it’s done, and it’s all because of that small, powerful smartphone.

Another way we handle the blog posts for our clients is to have them read the blog. For instance many bloggers will send me the text of a blog post along with an audio read of the post. I then convert the text into a Kinetic word/graphic and picture video, using the clients own voice for narration. This too is uploaded to multiple video sharing sites, thus greatly expanding the reach of the blog post and the client website. Google search loves the combination of text, video and audio articles and posts as they are able to read and index it more accurately, thus helping the user improve search results.

I have, 22,000 in-house stock videos (30-120-sec each), 40,000 indexed stock photographs for use in videos, about 1,000 stock music tracks and professional software to create and edit videos for most clients. Plus I can shoot video on green, blue, white or black screens and landscape, and have complete teleprompter equipment. Clients such as lawyers and insurance agents have personal videos made for use on their business websites.

No matter your video needs, be sure to contact us and discuss what we can do for you and your business. For more detailed video production information, please visit our Videocasting Studios website.

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