Lean Body Blueprint
Lean Body Blueprint weight loss system

*** Fad Diets Are Dead ***

Dear Friend:

Are you desperate to drop some weight, to tone and improve your health and happiness but are confused by all the claims of instant weight loss and a body that just won’t quit?

You already know that it’s all bunk, but sometimes a shiny object is hard to ignore. I’m Kristine, your Body Health Coach and I’m ready to help you lose weight, tone your body and eliminate diets – forever. For more than 20 years I have been helping people just like you get back their health and happiness by losing the weight that’s driving you crazy, while allowing you to eat properly, not diet and starvation.

You want to lose the weight, keep it off and never have to go looking again. You do this through clean eating and I’ll show you how.

The LEAN BODY BLUEPRINT system is a 13 week – 3 month – plan to get your life back. I provide you with the meal plans, grocery lists, video and written training and the best support on the planet. Best of all, I have a way for you to try and see if the LEAN BODY BLUEPRINT is for you before you plow into another diet or anti-diet plan.

Week 1 is just $1. For that you receive all of the material to get you going on the LEAN BODY BLUEPRINT system. Videos, written instructions, meal plan for the week, grocery list for the week and beyond, 7 videos of instruction and motivation and much more.

Plus you get my attention which in turn means I have your back. I start with email and if we need to talk further we’ll use Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype and custom videos. This same support carries on throughout the entire 13 weeks. We’ve never heard of any weight loss system providing this attention to its customers.

Once you have completed the first week, you can stay on and go through the 12 following weeks for just $16.75 a week, plus at the end you are able to access the LEAN BODY BLUEPRINT system anytime you want. So if you wanted to go through the whole plan again, it’s yours at no charge.

Because the cost is so low, just a dollar for the first week of the LEAN BODY BLUEPRINT system, now is the time to start. You then can decide at the end of the first week to discontinue if you don’t think it’s for you, for any reason. Just click on the order button below and you’ll be taken to Paypal where you’ll be charged $1 for week one. Once you have completed the payment, you will be taken to the LEAN BODY BLUEPRINT System and all further instructions will be there.

Come and join us today and spend a short few weeks losing weight and toning your body.

Your Body Health Coach


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the weekly cost?
A. $1 for week one. Then if you do not cancel, each week thereafter for 12 weeks is $16.75. Remember, you will be charged unless you cancel.

Q. Can I ask questions directly to Kristine?
A. Yes. Once you have purchased the Blueprint, you will receive all the information you will need to contact Kristine.

Q. Is there an additional charge if I contact Kristine?
A. No. Contact is all with email, and if required Skype, Google Plus and other video contact.

Q. What other costs are there?
A. You may have some grocery costs if you don’t have some of the food that you should be eating. But you have to buy groceries anyway, so it probably isn’t an added cost.

Q. Can I quit after – say – week 5 and not have to pay for the remaining 7 weeks?
A. Yes, you can quit anytime you wish and the cancellation will come at the end of the current week you have paid for. If you do quit part way through, just remember that if you change your mind, you will be starting all over again from week 1.