What is Affiliate Marketing

It’s a sub-niche of Internet Marketing. OK, now we can get confusing.

Any marketing you do via the Internet is of course, Internet Marketing. But if you cut through the clutter and focus on promoting and/or selling someone else’s products, then you have slipped into Affiliate Marketing.

Then there’s two types of products. Digital such as information and ebooks, and physical products such as cameras and cloths. You can get into the types even more by adding services from lawyers to airplane travel. The latter is where affiliate marketers who focus on travel sites deal with airlines, cruise ships, and other tour travel.

Although it is necessary to cross over into other sub-niche’s of affiliate marketing, I focus on promoting physical products, most of which – but not all – come from Amazon.

Hello, my name is Chuck Camroux, and I am an Affiliate Marketer.

Why Do I Focus On Amazon?

Amazon is one of the first to use affiliates to promote their products. Not the first, but one of the first. Other, previous affiliate programs include PC Flowers & Gifts in 1994, AutoWeb in 1995 and KBKids & BrainyPlay 1996. Amazon was a late comer, but gave affiliate marketing great legs, and in February 2000 Amazon was granted a patent on the essential components of an affiliate program. To be fair to Jeff Bezos, he submitted the patent application in June 1997, so he was an early proponent of affiliate marketing.

I got into affiliate marketing over 21 years ago when I joined with Linkshare in 1996, and a couple of years later with Commission Junction and eBay. I have been an affiliate Marketer ever since, and in terms of the Internet, I’ve been around since the beginning of time.

But Amazon’s product catalogue is HUGE. I can promote almost anything. Plus Amazon has a proven track record for delivery, returns and customer service. I don’t want to get into the delivery business again. I sold books through Amazon in the 90’s and early 2000’s, and it was an excellent income channel, but a real pain storing, packing and mailing all those books.

Equally important, Affiliate Marketing is in effect my second career. The first, broadcasting, which lasted 50 years, which was a long and highly successful career. But at the young age of the early 50’s, I jumped on the Internet after work and weekends. The Net had just started, and I saw lots of opportunities. It didn’t take long before I came across Affiliate Marketing, and headed down that path.

One of the main reasons I feel I am qualified to call myself an Affiliate Marketing Coach is the experience, and success, I have both online and offline. For 30 of my 50 years in broadcasting, one of my main jobs was to direct, assist, mentor, prod and move talented on-air people into greatness, or close to it.

As an Affiliate Marketing Coach, my job is to help you move along a stable path to solid affiliate income, even into a full-time income and opportunity path for folks who can live anywhere as long as they have a computer and an Internet connection.

Welcome, and let’s get on with promoting someone else’s products, services and information so we can help other people solve a problem. After all, the business is about helping people solve problems. If you don’t have a lawnmower, and your grass keeps growing, there are just three choices. Pave your lawn, get a lawn mowing company to do it, or buy a lawnmower and get some exercise yourself.

Here’s some additional information, via video.

These are general learning videos, not necessarily something to follow exactly. It’s just some along your learning process. In general, they are all part of a “how=to” do Amazon learning experience. Each video open in a new tab/window, which can be closed when you’ve finished with the video.

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