Most businesses treat their web content the way they treat their body. Yummy but bad for your health. Most of the time it’s because they have no idea what is good or bad content and don’t know why they need content on their site.
Let’s start with – What is Web Content?

Simply put, web content is everything you place on your website that you want to show or pass on to other people. Blog posts, video’s, infographics, pictures, anything you wish to be devoured by a visitor to your site.

Now, let’s deal with the – Why of Web Content?

This is because it’s less about the overall content and more about why certain types of content for certain types of websites. If you post a picture of your car for sale on your business website, it more than likely that your website and business is a car lot as evidenced by the car picture being for sale.
Of course, your site could also be an auction site, like eBay, selling everything under the sun. But you, as a small to medium business wouldn’t be running a large auction or sell anything website. So let’s assume you are a car seller business.
Thus, probably the use of pictures of your cars for sale is important content, but not only the picture, but the text. The use of words and picture to ‘sell’ the car. If you are more aggressive and have the capability, you may add video content to your website.

Taking it a step further, you may have a social media presence to draw in more comments and selling opportunities. If you are concerned, as you should be, with your position is search (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc), then you will probably add a blog to your website, and you will tie it in to your social media activity.

So why is all this activity important to your business?

To answer, I need to take you back to the days of telephone books. If you’re under 25 to 30, you can probably skip this paragraph. In the ‘old days’ of just three or five years ago, when you wanted to buy a car, you would look up all the car dealers in your directory (telephone book) and then scour the lots looking for that perfect automobile. Not any more. Both the telephone book and the standard tabletop telephone are now available to see in museums.

Today, when your customers want to buy a new car, they use their device (mobile smartphone, tablet or laptop/desktop computer) to find – the the dealers of cars, but the kind of car they want and from there they get the information about the dealer.

Did you follow that? They aren’t looking for Joe’s Car Dealership, they are looking for a Chevy sedan. They may even go further and look for a Chevy sedan that’s blue and has a v-6 engine.

Your potential customers are NOT looking for a website, they are looking for a product that could be on many websites. That’s a page or post (CONTENT) on a website. It’s the page or post that need the extra attention. It’s what the search engines will also look for to answer the original query…

“Blue Chevy sedan for sale with a v-6”

The better your content (information), the higher your Chevy will be listed in the search results, along with your dealership information so the person looking know’s where to go to see it.

It’s that simple, and that complicated!

Let’s start with – How to create Web Content?

Someone is going to write a copy for an ad for the Chevy. They are going to take a picture of the car, the interior, wheels and maybe even the odometer. They are going to write so a living picture appears in the imagination of the potential buyer. They are going to insure that the right keywords and phrases are properly included in the title down to the closing where it says “come and see the best Chevy dealer in town.”

They are going to insure that the post looks great on a mobile device, because 80% of local searches are local, and they are going to be sure that not only the name of the dealer is obvious, but that the car buyer wannabie get direction from where ever he/she is to the dealership.

And, that’s only the beginning. Have you got the coffee and hot water on, especially if it’s winter and things are a little cold outside. You promote that fact and you offer a discount of winter tires when they buy from you.
Can your telephone book do that? Of course not.

That’s what web content is all about. To be blunt, not many operators of small to medium businesses can do this consistently. If you know of one that does, you can be certain they have a full time web content person, or they use an outside source to keep them on top in the search engines.

I haven’t talked about the importance of a blog yet, but I’ll leave that to a separate post about blogging content, (or bust) for small business.