WordPress Dashboard Tour

This video is going to walk you through a tour of your WordPress dashboard.

The WordPress dashboard is the central location of all the content management features in your WordPress site. You get there by typing into your browser’s address bar the URL to your website and /wp-admin followed by hitting ‘enter’ on your keyboard. Then you’ll be prompted to add your username and password in a little box that pops up here in the center.

Along the top, is your admin bar and it has several different links to various parts of your WordPress site. Over on the far left, you’ve got this icon for WordPress and if you hover over to that you get this little dropdown menu.

Next to that is the title of your WordPress site and a little house looking thing. If you click on that or the link that says ‘visit site’, that’s going to take you to your main page of your WordPress site.

Next to that you can access comments, then next to the comments link moving to the right you have the new link where you can add a new post, new media, that’s like videos and images and such, new page and new users. This can also be accessed in the far left column, otherwise known as your main menu.

But getting back to the far right on your admin bar, you have your name or whatever your name you’re logged in as and to the right of that is your avatar or the image that represents this name that you’re logged in under.

Whenever you hover over your name, that will take you to your profile page, likewise with this guy that says ‘edit my profile’, just click on that. It will take to the same page and then here will log you out.

In the middle, we’ve got the various modules than can be moved around or even removed by clicking on the screen options tab. At the top right and by removing the check mark in these boxes will remove these various modules. For example, at a glance this guy right here, untick that, poof it’s gone. WordPress news, you don’t want to know about the news, uncheck that, poof! It’s gone.

Likewise you just add the check back into the boxes and they will reappear just like so. We go ahead and click off of the screen options tab, you have the help option over here and this is page-specific so you can click on this and this gives you specific information related to the dashboard area. You’ll also have this help tab up here on the top right on these other items here that are specific to that particular item. For example if we go to the post page, come on up here to the help tab, these items here going to be more related to the post section when it comes to helping answer any questions.

Whatever you see on this help page here might be different than what you might see on the appearance page help section. This is more related to the themes. Now if we take a closer look to the main menu over here on the left, you see the various titles here and a little fly out menu whenever you hover over these items. Being brand new to these, they might not mean a whole lot to you but you get accustomed to them overtime.

Post, just like it sounds, that’s where you add a new post.

Now whenever you click on this link here, the fly out menu pops down below that item and you can still access each and every one of those links just by clicking on them. Moving on down we’ve got media, that’s where you can add things like images or video or audio files pages, comments and appearance, that’s pretty important because that’s where you can add and customize the various looks or themes of your WordPress site.

Along with that, you have access to various widgets, menus, header, background and editor. Plug-ins adds a ton of additional functionality to your WordPress site. Users, that’s where you can go in and add additional users or access current users or you can access and edit your own profile. Tools and under settings, a lot of cool stuff in here but that’s the makings of a different video altogether.

I also want to mention that you can collapse this menu to where it’s just showing those icons of what’s left of the menu items. If you want more real estate here in the center, go ahead and collapse that. Otherwise just click on what looks like a little video play button there and it will expand that back out to full size.